Wednesday, May 25, 2011

FIFA Should not turn Soccer into Dictatorship

Indonesian envoy to Switzerland Djoko Susilo said that during the recent Indonesian Soccer Association (PSSI) congress, the FIFA special envoy refused to consider the wishes of the majority of voters, which led to the stoppage of the meeting.

“The special envoy of FIFA has virtually led the disccusion, speaking alongside national delegates and refusing to consider the wishes of the majority of the voters,” Djoko said in a statement aquired by the The Jakarta Post on Monday.

“FIFA should not transform [the] world of football into a dictatorship,” the former jornalist said in the statement.

World soccer governing body FIFA appointed a so-called “normalization committee” in April to organize the PSSI chair election following chaotic scenes when opponents of former chair Nurdin Halid broke into the election congress.

Halid was jailed in 2007 for misusing funds but continued to run the PSSI from his cell.

FIFA later barred several candidates from vying for the chairmanship, including two prominent candidates: Army Chief of Staff George Toisutta and oil tycoon Arifin Panigoro. The world soccer body also asked the PSSI to regain control of a breakaway league, the Indonesian Premier League, started by Arifin Panigoro.

Djoko questioned why FIFA had ignored the abuses and multiple allegations of corruption committed by the PSSI’s previous leadership while rejecting and discriminating against the candidates who were supported by an overwhelming majority of vote holders.

“How can FIFA both demand the reinstament of the profesional league and refuse to reinstate its leader?” said Djoko.

While highlighting that next week’s election for the FIFA presidency is an election in which all candidates promise transparency and fight corruption, the former lawmaker asked FIFA president Sepp Blatter and Asian Football Federation president Mohamed Bin Hammam to “look closely at the issue” and said, “do not abuse your rules to impose neocolonial bondage on Indonesia.”

The possible suspension, said Djoko, would deprive millions of soccer fans in the country.

“The time has come to prove that your international federation is also able to listen. “The time is ripe to show Indonesia and Asia that your international federation is not only run by the unbridled ambition of individuals obsessed with getting votes at all cost before the election on June 1,” Djoko said
Dimuat di TheJakartaPost 24.05.2011

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